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Capture R60/80 XP Ultimate Wrinkle Restoring Creme ( Rich ) 50ml/1.7oz

* An ultra soothing balm developed with advanced technology
* Works on skin stem cells to better repair wrinkles
* Delivers a cocktail of powerful ingredients directly into wrinkles
* Creates new tissue inside wrinkles
* Offers a firming, slightly tensing effect
* Leaves skin velvety smooth & younger looking

Bikini Anti-Age 200ml/6.7oz

* A 4-week beautiful body treatment
* Helps restore a more refine silhouette
* Contains exclusive renovating complex to improve skin texture
* Brims skin with elasticity & vitality
* Apply daily once or twice to problem areas

Capture R60/80 Bi-Skin Coffret: Cream 30ml + Eye Cream 15ml 2pcs

* Capture R60/80 Bi-Skin Coffret
* 1x Capture R60/80 Bi-Skin Ultimate Wrinkle Cream 30ml
* 1x Capture R60/80 Bi-Skin Wrinkle Eye Cream 15ml

Capture XR60/80 Bi-Skin Extra-Vital Restoring Serum 30ml/1oz

* An extra booster that contains powerful liposome system
* Pure micro-protein restores skin dynamic
* Patented seaweed extract fosters skin revitalization
* Gives fresh & light sensation
* Skin is renewed & appears stronger, smoother & more radiant

Capture Sculpt 10 Focus Firming Eyelids 15ml/0.5oz

* Acts both above & below the eyes for firming action
* Simultaneously corrects slackening, puffiness & dark circles
* Sorbet texture instantly melts into skin
* Gives strong sensation of freshness
* Eye zone immediately appears decongested & resilient
* Within weeks, eyelids look firmer & the eyes wider

Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Cream 50ml/1.7oz

* Anti-aging cream enriched with Alpha-Longoza Complex
* Diminishes wrinkles, slackening, lackluster skin & enlarged pores
* With active ingredients as polymer dispersed in volatile silicone oil
* Extract of yellow Iris refines skin texture & tightens pores
* Complex of Bi-Skin & wheat proteins smoothen & firm skin
* Emollient texture leaves skin soft, velvety smooth & luminous
* Continued usage makes skin appearing firmer, denser & younger

Clarifying Cleansing Mask 50ml/1.7oz

* Maximizes the effects of the mask
* Thoroughly cleanse skin
* Removes dead skin cells
* Recommend for using once or twice a week

DiorSnow Day Essence 50ml/1.7oz

* An ultra whitening day essence
* Contains edelweiss complex to eliminate dullness
* Together with vitamin C to exfoliate complexion
* Helps refine your complexion within seconds
* Lightweight texture ensures quick & easy penetration
* Leaves skin feeling completely luminous & recharged

DiorSnow Sublissime UV Ultra-Protective Base SPF50 PA+++ Translucent 30ml/1.2oz

* A superior daytime shield for skin
* Offers high protection SPF 35 against harmful UV rays
* Gives comfortable & refined makeup primer action
* Immediately brightens & evens out skin tone
* Creates a smooth, semi-matte base for makeup
* Leaves skin moisturized & luminous

HydrAction Visible Defense Hydra Protectives Light Cream SPF20 50ml/1.7oz

* Formulated with soothing ingredients
* Offers intense hydration to eliminate fine dry lines
* Forms an invisible veil to protect skin from external aggressors
* Soft, melting, luscious texture makes skin feel comfortable
* Leaves skin smoother, plumper, brighter with beauty
* Suitable for normal & combination skin

HydrAction Deep Hydration Essence 50ml/1.7oz

* A concentrated treatment for deep moisturization
* Minimizes moisture loss to increase water level deep within
* Fosters better water circulation between cells
* Brings deep water reserves to upper layers of epidermis
* Skin is intensely & continuously quenched with water
* Keeps skin comfortable, supple & beautifully radiant for lasting result

L'Or De Vie L'Extrait 15ml/0.5oz

* Infuses skin with precious vital ingredients from Yquem vineyard
* Revitalizes skin to fight against effects of time & nature
* Skin becomes stronger & more beautiful to overcome signs of aging
* Rich, golden texture that is gently absorbed by skin
* Under satiny veil, skin is rejuvenated
* Leaves skin a renewed radiance, suppleness & elasticity

Magique Rinse-Off Cleansing Balm 150ml/5oz

* A slightly foaming, fresh gel-balm
* Thoroughly removes makeup, impurities & excess sebum
* Cleanses gently without harming skin
* Easily rinse off with lukewarm water
* Leaves skin clear, supple & radiant
* Right for dry to sensitive skin

Prestige Nutri-Restoring Fluid 50ml/1.7oz

* A blend of 3 natural ingredients ?Cimifuga, Peony & Soya
* Helps strengthen dermis epidermis support fibers
* Preserves elasticity & resistance of skin
* Eliminates wrinkles, plumps up & intensely moisturizes skin
* Combats damage from free radicals
* Day after day, skin restores youthfulness for more resilient & radiant

DiorSnow Sublissime Set: B.Resurfacer + UV Base + Capture Totale + 2xLtn + S/G + Bag 6pcs+1bag

* DiorSnow Sublissime Set
* 1x Brightening Resurfacer 10ml
* 1x Perfect White UV Ultra-Protective Base SPF50 10ml
* 1x Capture Totale 10ml
* 1x Whitening Ltn 2 50ml
* 1x Clarifying Wipe-Off Ltn 50ml
* 1x Miss Dior Cherie Shower Gel 20ml
* 1x Bag

Travel Set: Lotion 50ml + Cream 15ml + Serum 10ml + Mask 1pc + UV Base 10ml + Bag 5pcs+1bag

* Travel Set
* 1x DiorSnow Sublissime Whitening Lotion 2 ( Moisture ) 50ml
* 1x DiorSnow Sublissime Whitening Moisture Cream 15ml
* 1x Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Concentrate 10ml
* 1x DiorSnow Pure Visible Whitening Essence Sheet Mask 25ml
* 1x DiorSnow Sublissime UV Base SPF 50 - Translucent 10ml
* 1x Bag
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